Maersk Container Industry launches the new Star Cool Service app

MCI’s new Star Cool Service app has been launched to support service technicians on site and increase the speed and efficiency of maintenance operations on all Star Cool reefers.

With a typical working life of 12-15 years, reefer containers need regular PTI’s, servicing and prompt repair to ensure that operators achieve maximum value from their investment. But this work means downtime. The faster the condition of the reefer can be diagnosed and appropriate action taken, the quicker it will be back in operation. This is the essential thinking behind the new Star Cool Service app.

Frontline support
Technicians are the frontline caretakers of reefers. Giving them the tools they need to work smarter can go a long way to maximising reefer uptime and supporting the proper planning of service activity. Till now, work processes have often been cumbersome and time-consuming for technicians. To address this issue, the new Star Cool Service app provides quick and easy access to the information and support that technicians need, where they need it – right in front of the reefer.

Instant access to technical information
The app enables technicians to look up alarm codes and access the latest trouble-shooting information. If the reefer needs servicing or repair, additional tools like guides, manuals and even service videos can be instantly downloaded from the app on the smartphone. Both of these functions can also be used offline.

This frees up time for both the technicians on site and for administrative staff by automating the sharing of updates, guides and bulletins via the app.

Warranty checks can now also be conducted onsite via an internet connection by simply scanning or entering the container number. The app then displays all warranty information for the reefer’s specific parts.

As well as enabling offline access to alarm lists and troubleshooting procedures, it provides helpful insights and guidance to our colleagues in the field and in the office.

Hugues Lacroix, M&R Manager Africa Express Line Ltd

Hugues Lacroix, M&R Manager Africa Express Line Ltd, has already made experience of the app as part of the development and testing process: “The Star Cool Service app is a great new tool. As well as enabling offline access to alarm lists and troubleshooting procedures, it provides helpful insights and guidance to our colleagues in the field and in the office. We can also access a wide range of support information like manuals, technical releases and video instructions, anywhere and any time of day.” 

Real-time information sharing
Information can now be accessed 24/7 by both technicians and back-office staff directly through the app, using a smartphone or any other mobile device. This service is constantly available and ensures that issues are resolved, logged and reported faster. As Peter Tanner, Head of Global Service at MCI explained, “For users, it’s the closest thing you can get to having your Star Cool service manager next to you, plus you don’t need to go back and forth between the office to look for manuals, etc. Routine preparation and troubleshooting can be carried out instantly and with much less downtime.”

A new dimension in service support
The new Star Cool Service app represents the latest breakthrough in MCI’s innovative approach to customer service. Effectively, the app acts as a centralised ‘in-pocket’ reference resource, providing comprehensive technical information, updates, seamless admin coordination and increased service efficiency – all at the touch of a button, onsite and without needing to return to the office. This way of streamlining routine work processes will be of crucial value as reefer operators look to maximise profitability in increasingly pressurised commercial environments.

The new app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices and offers a choice of three languages: English, Spanish and Chinese. For more information and introduction film about the new Star Cool Service app, please go to

The new Star Cool Service app has a modern and clean look. It helps when we are repairing units with the alarm code look up and selection of guides and videos. No need for the printed manual, this app is faster anytime, anywhere.

Benny Sukamto, Director of PT Indotank, Indonesia

What an excellent tool! The app contents are easy to navigate and we love the ability to check warranty status through image recognition, even without knowing the part number.

Shinya Ota, Customer Services Manager, Reefer Service Co. Ltd., Japan