Star Cool Service Team Meeting @ MCI Qingdao

This year, our service team gathered at our production facilities in Qingdao, China. The primary objective of the meeting is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas among the team and between technical and production personnel. Sharing insights from their areas, the service team had the opportunity to meet in person with our Engineering, Design, and Quality Teams. With vital information from the field, we help each other to find the best solutions to improve our products.

Production visits
The team enjoyed viewing both the Star Cool and box production lines. It was impressive to see the level of engagement and craftsmanship that goes into building a Star Cool reefer, from forming the sheet metal, to constructing the box, foaming and painting, and to finally installing the refrigeration system. The Service Team also had the opportunity to visit 2 of our suppliers while in China as well as one of China’s fully automated terminals.

Expanding the Service Team
At the yearly gathering, the Service Team had the opportunity to welcome face-to-face, its new members. With the number of service depots increasing, the need for training and instruction rises. At MCI we are dedicated to providing our customers and service depots with the material they need to do the job at the best possible standard. With our online database of manuals, guides and videos, as well as the Star Cool Service app, we aim to keep you updated with the latest best practices. During the week in Qingdao, the entire team received training and updates of our newest products and features, so they are equipped to provide you with up to date information both in the field and online.

Our service managers are constantly travelling the world providing professional assistance and training, and we strive to provide training as close to your location as possible.

Are you interested in scheduling Star Cool training?
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