Sekstant is changing the way reefer container operators connect with and manage their transport chain

Global guidance

Sekstant enables access to real-time reefer information, monitoring and reporting systems, and seamless fleet management from anywhere in the world.

Live monitoring

Sekstant lets you follow your reefer container’s GPS location in real time.
In addition, the system will tell you what the set and actual temperatures are inside the container as well as provide data about the daily power consumption.

Advanced notification

Digital assistant

With notifications across platforms; frontend, email or integrated with API.

Set customized rules

  • Temperature setpoint deviation
  • Enter geofence/Leave geofence
  • O2 setpoint deviation
  • Active alarm
  • Off power
  • Humidity setpoint deviation
  • CO2 setpoint deviation

ITI – Intelligent Trip Inspection

With Sekstant you can check status for ITI and PTI and see the last completed date. It is unnecessary to run the self-diagnostics of a PTI when the unit has a recent complete ITI – by not doing an unnecessary PTI you can save operating costs.

M&R effeciency

Sekstant brings reefer M&R to a new level. Today the events throughout the transport chain are hidden in a cloudy environment. With Sekstant, the reefer GPS coordinates are logged together with G-shock information and time stamps. Eventual alarms and troubleshooting will be visible remotely and should a datalog be required, it’s only a click away.

At the same time, MCI as the OEM, can automatically update the latest software, instantly clear eventual warranty questions, and use the operations data to make an even better reefer for tomorrow.

Fleet management

With fleet management you can update software from anywhere and keep your fleet updated with new functionalities.

You can also monitor your Sekstant subscriptions and make sure you have the right plan for the trips you want to keep an extra eye on.

Global coverage

With Sekstant you are always connected via 4G that gives you worldwide coverage.

Integrated with reefer controller

The Sekstant Gateway is not just an add-on, but an integrated part of the Star Cool reefer. When installed, Sekstant collaborates with the Star Cool controller, complimenting each other and providing extended functionalities such as wake up based on reefer events and shock sensor.

Future proof platform

Sekstant is built on a Linux based platform that is prepared for future requirements.

Secure by design

Sekstant is designed with the current cyber security threats in mind and has undergone penetration tests by leading cyber security experts.

Designed for durability

Because we are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with our own monitoring solution, our 15 years of experience gives us unique insides about the reefer and by that the best basis of creating a monitoring solution that works perfectly with the reefer. Furthermore,  Sekstant is built from the same durability standards as the Star Cool reefer.

+50,000 Sekstant gateways in operation, over 10 million hours of runtime and reporting from 217 countries around the globe. The Sekstant population is growing rapidly and continues to change the way reefer container operators connect with and manage their reefer transport chain.

The Sekstant cloud sends reefer information directly to the frontend, giving you a seamless overview of your entire fleet.

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