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Engineering cold chain efficiency

Optimum cargo quality is our primary objective and unrivalled experience within the intermodal industry has enabled us to construct a refrigeration unit that combines reliability, usability and cost efficiency on an unmatched level.

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By carefully balancing compressor and fan speed, StarConomy accurately matches air circulation to cooling demand, ensuring an ideal environment for the produce while saving energy.

Operating the fans at reduced speed once the cargo is at set point means less cooling is needed, as the motors generate far less heat while using significantly less energy compared to operation at full speed.

Dual reefer plug capability

  • The standard reefer outlet is rated and
    protected to 32 Amps
  • Star Cool’s main circuit protection is
    16 Amps; that is the system max rating
  • 2.5 mm² (~14 AWG) cable is all that is required
  • Two Star Cool units can run simultaneously on a single 32 Amp outlet

– Regardless of ambient, or set temp

– No special settings, changes or software

– Dual capability on standard reefer genset

Display/User Panel

  • High definition, large size LCD
  • User friendly, intuitive
  • Easy access to temperature
    development graphs
  • Logical keypad design
  • Critical information on home screen
  • 9 lines of data on display

Frequency converter

  • This proven and reliable speed control of the compressor secures optimal match between energy consumption and cooling capacity putting cargo care as 1st priority
  • Dual compartment protects against water, moisture and dust – separated housing for print board and control/power connections
  • Optimized design to protect against potential moisture, shock and extreme temperatures



  • The proven and reliable high-quality compressor is the heart of the cooling circuit
  • Variable speed, 600 – 3300 rpm (20-110 Hz)
  • Two-stage reciprocating for increased efficiency
  • Lightweight aluminum, only 58 kg
  • Maintenance-free, non-corrosive exterior made for the harsh marine environment
  • Variable Compressor Speed
    = Most Efficient Capacity Control

Fresh air module

  • Digital setting for accuracy and safety (CMH/CFM)
  • Alarm indication for open vent with frozen cargo or CA/AV operation
  • Current vent position and changes to position logged to data memory
  • Built in vacuum release safety


Factory charged with R134a, Star Cool R513A Optimized units allow for a switch of the refrigerant at any point in time without any change of software or hardware, offering a high level of flexibility and product security as future refrigerant regulations come into force.

Engineered for reliability, the Star Cool R513A Optimized units are designed for dual compatibility with R513A or R134a without compromising capacity or longevity.

Reefer monitoring – Sekstant

An MCI purpose developed Smart Edge device including wide band 4G LTE with global coverage in a single device design, sharing battery with the reefer controller. The gateway connects the reefer container with the Sekstant Cloud and tailored OEM Sekstant user interface


Where the Star Cool Integrated combines the machine and box, the Star Cool Unit is built on the original concept of bolting the machine to a reefer box.

Star Cool options

Atmosphere control

Star Cool CA

Star Cool CA™ is based on the concept of an effective, simple and low-energy controlled atmosphere system that is built into the Star Cool Integrated Reefer.

Atmosphere control

Star Cool CA+

Star Cool CA+™ builds on MCI’s leading controlled atmosphere technology to open up a cost-effective way to new markets for low-respiring, high-value perishables such as blueberry and lychee.

Energy efficiency


By running the fans at half speed, the motors generate far less heat while using significantly less energy than before.

Automatic Ventilation


By using a CO2 sensor, the technology that powers AV+ monitors the natural respiration of produce inside the reefer.


By adjusting injection control, air flow and software for R513A compatibility, Star Cool offers an economically sound upgrade that can achieve a 56% reduction of GWP compared to the previously used R134a (GWP=1430). Among all A1 classified F-gases, R513A is the best choice to reduce the carbon footprint of reefer containers today.

Caring for cargo while saving energy

The Star Cool refrigeration unit is designed to minimize Total Cost of Ownership. Our deep insights into the needs and requirements of the intermodal industry led to the creation of the perfect reefer unit. With low energy consumption, light weight, low M&R costs, high power factor and many standard features compared with other reefer units, Star Cool safeguards cargo while reducing operation costs and environmental impact.

Star Cool Features

Frequency Converter

Harvesting the technological development in FC’s over the last 10 years and experience gathering

Dual reefer plug

Two Star Cool units can run at the same time on a single 32 Amp outlet regardless of ambient, or set temp.

Power meter

New power meas – the online energy meter. Introduced Q1 2017.


Variable Compressor Speed = The Ultimate Capacity Control.


The display on a Star Cool reefer is user friendly, easy to access and offers visible DH LCD. This reduces risk of operational error…

Star Cool ITI

With Star Cool’s “Intelligent Trip Inspection” (ITI) the reefer conducts the same self-diagnostics as used in the normal PTI, while the reefer machine…

Star Cool Service App

Since its launch in 2018, the Star Cool Service App has proved a hit with reefer operators and shipping companies worldwide, and is designed to…

Energy efficiency

Star Cool has proven lead energy efficiency in the reefer market numerous times. This is done via detailed lab test mimicking…


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