Star Cool ITI

Streamlined Troubleshooting with Enhanced App Features

In the rapidly evolving world of shipping perishable produce using reefers, and the accompanying technological advancements, we are proud to take a another leap forward with the latest update to our Star Cool Service App. The new enhancements are designed to streamline troubleshooting and operational efficiency for technicians working on Star Cool refrigeration units. From guided diagnostics and expanded dashboard capabilities to advanced trip inspection integration and efficient information access, these updates represent MCI’s ongoing commitment to innovation and support.

The new features are set to simplify the maintenance and operation of Star Cool units, making the technicians’ work not only easier but more efficient.

Simplified Diagnostic Process

The newly added Guided Troubleshooting feature simplifies diagnosing and fixing issues in Star Cool units. It presents comprehensive guides with easy-to-understand texts, diagrams, images, and videos, making the troubleshooting process more straightforward. For greater accessibility, a text-to-speech function is also integrated, catering to a wider range of users.

Expanded Dashboard Capabilities

The upgrade extends the app’s dashboard functionality. Technicians now have the ability to view and adjust various setpoints, including temperature, humidity, O2, and CO2 levels, via Bluetooth using the Star Cool Dongle. This feature not only enhances the dashboard’s usability but also makes the app a more versatile tool for handling various operational aspects of the Star Cool units.

Advanced Trip Inspection Integration

Integration with the latest controller software 361’s ITI 2.0 offers a more efficient trip inspection system. Service technicians can access detailed ITI status and step-by-step test information through the app. The addition of the Finalize ITI functionality further ensures comprehensive testing and readiness of units for subsequent trips.

Efficient Access to Information

A new filter functionality for guides and manuals greatly enhances the ability to quickly locate and use Star Cool-related documents. This feature streamlines the process of finding relevant information, saving time and improving the overall efficiency of maintenance tasks.

These updates to the Star Cool Service App are part of MCI’s commitment to continuous improvement in tools and services. The enhanced app is expected to provide more versatile and efficient support for our technicians in their daily operations.