Star Cool Service App

Service in your pocket

Since its launch in 2018, the Star Cool Service App has proved a hit with reefer operators and shipping companies worldwide, and is designed to make servicing faster and easier.

Star Cool Dongle

The Star Cool Connect Dongle can be used on CIM 6 units with the retriever socket. Connect to the reefer via Bluetooth and the Star Cool Service App from your mobile device.



The new dashboard function enables connection to a container using the Star Cool Connect Dongle. This provides an instant overview of the current software version, active alarms and warnings, and the warranty repair history of the unit.

The technician’s toolkit contains temperature, resistance, and pressure converters. You can simply enter the value and instantly see the converted amount in the relevant units

Alarm code lookup function 
Using the alarm code lookup, you can enter the 3-digit alarm code and review the alarm name, cause, and troubleshooting steps.   

Guides, manuals, and videos 
Browse through our quick guides, service manuals, and instruction videos, all optimized for mobile devices.   

Warranty check and filing claims 
Warranty claims can be entered directly from the app by scanning or entering container and part numbers, taking pictures, and downloading a datalog directly from the unit using the Star Cool Connect Dongle. The claim is then reviewed by the depot office and submitted to Star Cool via the website.

Inbox and notifications 
View all notifications in the inbox, including service bulletins and product newsletters.   

Working offline 
Look up alarm codes offline as well as download selected guides, videos, and manuals.