Star Cool CA+

Bringing more perishables to new markets

Star Cool CA+™ builds on MCI’s leading controlled atmosphere technology to open up a cost-effective way to new markets for low-respiring, high-value perishables such as blueberry and lychee.

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Compared to high-respiring perishables such as bananas and avocados, low-respiring perishables require a different composition of the atmosphere in the container. Building on its proven Star Cool CA system for high-respiring fresh produce, MCI developed the enhanced CA+ functionality in close cooperation with experts and selected shipping lines and applied data gathered from over 85,000 Star Cool CA units in operation worldwide.

How it works
– When the fruit has been loaded, controller is set to the desired O2 and CO2 percentage levels.

– Nitrogen and CO2 is injected until the correct level is achieved.

– Injection is stopped and the box is sealed.

– Cargo is ready to be loaded onto the reefer containers and is monitored and modified through the user display or remotely during transport.

Star Cool CA+ can be used on all existing Star Cool CA reefers.

Advantages of CA+
Provides shipping companies with direct access to data of the conditions inside the reefer throughout the entire transportation window, without needing to rely on a third-party controlled atmosphere provider.
Reduced costs & increased transparency.
No additional handling and cost from third party providers of portable equipment.


Star Cool CA+ Fact Sheet