A Year of Successful Regional Star Cool Service Provider Gatherings

Connecting continents, strengthening networks
Following a successful first half focused on the Americas, as detailed in our Q2 newsletter (read more here), the second half of the year saw an expansion of our engagement with service providers in the EMEA and Asia regions.

Tinglev, Denmark: Bridging the european union and beyond
The Tinglev meeting, held from 28-29 September, saw over 30 participants, including several from as far as India. This gathering was particularly special as it provided a firsthand experience of MCI’s R&D and test facilities. A tour through our warehouse and updates on product developments were key highlights. The event wrapped up with a unique local touch – hotdogs and ice cream from local food trucks and beverages from our innovative 20-foot Star Cool “Beertainer.”

‘’We strongly believe that these discussions will have a positive impact on our ongoing business relationship and the overall satisfaction of our customers.’’

–      Kamal Wimalaratne, Director / CEO Advantis Projects & Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Qingdao, China: A meeting of minds and markets
Our event in Qingdao, China, from 19-20 October, was a testament to our growing influence in Asia. With 63 participants from 36 service providers, the meeting highlighted our commitment to broadening our network. The sessions varied from latest training & e-learning sessions to product development, spare parts, consumables, and warranty discussions. The day concluded with a social dinner, exemplifying the perfect blend of business and camaraderie.

Dubai, UAE: Blending business with cultural richness
Our meeting in Dubai, UAE, from 2-3 November, further emphasized our global presence. Over 40 participants enjoyed a tour of MECRC’s operations, insights from Service Manager Brian Hinrichsen about the Star Cool Unit, and a hands-on experience with our containers and consumables. The mix of business discussions and cultural experiences, including a dinner cruise and a city bus tour, underscored our philosophy of combining professional networking with local cultural engagement.

Building bridges and forging partnerships
Kamal Wimalaratne, Director / CEO Advantis Projects & Engineering summed up the essence of these meetings: “The meeting provided us with a good opportunity to discuss the various aspects of our services and the new developments of Star Cool products and services. MCI’s commitment to open communication and willingness to work together to find solutions to our challenges was truly appreciated. We strongly believe that these discussions will have a positive impact on our ongoing business relationship and the overall satisfaction of our customers.

Looking ahead
As 2023 draws to a close, these meetings stand as milestones in MCI’s journey towards global leadership in the container industry. Each meeting not only strengthened our existing relationships but also opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations. The success of these gatherings across different continents reflects our commitment to enhancing the Star Cool service network and sets a strong foundation for further expansion in 2024 and beyond.