Star Cool Service – Networking in the Americas

The Star Cool Service Department have recently hosted two service meetings for their authorized service providers and other repair shops. The 2-day meetings took place in New Orleans on 19-20th April where 28 people attended and a week later in Panama City on 25-26th April where 67 people attended. Star Cool Service was represented by the service managers: Brian Hinrichsen, Ben Hernandez, Giancarlo Vettorazzi, Juan Gonzalez, and Femke Sukohl, Global Service Assistant.  

“What a great experience to again meet our service network personally. The meetings were very engaging and a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other.”

–      Brian Hinrichsen, Senior Service Manager, Maersk Container Industry

These meetings were organised to promote networking between our Star Cool service providers, to learn and understand each other’s processes, and to share experiences. The meetings started with a welcome and update of Maersk Container Industry (MCI) and an inspiring look into our new innovations and products, the audience was excited to be a part of our journey. In the afternoon it was time for spare parts. Here, Asmir Turkanovic, Head of Global Part Sales, and Andres Kuklinski, Part Sales Manager, introduced the newest parts to our catalogue and showed a selection of our consumable items. All attendees could see and feel the quality of our parts and ideas were shared for potential future parts.

Day 2 opened with Anders Corneliussen, Claims Process Manager, sharing insights into our processes around warranty, modifications, and part return. He clarified the reasons for our warranty and part return requirements including our supplier warranty and remanufacturing programs helping our network to understand the bigger picture. This was followed by a look into our upcoming training calendar, new e-learning modules, and the features of the Service App.

Throughout the meetings there were ample opportunities to network and socialize. With both a group dinner and an outing on the Mississippi River (New Orleans) and to the Miraflores docks (Panama City). Open discussions lead to the sharing of issues and solutions to what we all can do to improve. This way of sharing feedback helps us to help each other, bringing us closer and building tighter relationships.

“We enjoyed the Service meeting a lot. It made our relations with Star Cool closer and the networking with other depots forms a very important and interesting part of the event as well.”  

–      Paul Braeken, Chairman, Flowbox SA

MCI has held service meetings for over a decade, with the latest one being held at the MCI factory in Qingdao in 2017. With the feedback we have received from our meetings in the Americas, we are planning additional service meetings in Europe and Asia within the next year, where we look forward to further productive events.