Star Cool Service back in the field

With the Star Cool Service Managers being stranded by COVID travel restrictions, they have been busy holding online webinars to substitute some of the theory topics normally covered in our onsite training seminars. We saw a strong increase in the number of e-learning modules completed during the COVID period. The knowledge learnt in these modules complement our onsite trainings well and allow more time for hands-on exercises.

In June, the Service Managers met in person with the exception of Benjamin Hernandez and Michael Xu, who were unfortunately still hit by travel restrictions.

The Star Cool Service Managers have been itching to start travelling again and to meet and train Star Cool operators and technicians. Here are some examples of our latest training seminars around the world.

In Indonesia, Evergreen welcomed Ramil Gali to hold a training focusing on the Star Cool refrigeration system and new innovations such as Sekstant, ITI and more. A special thank you to our service providers, PT Indotank, and PT Multi Bina Transport for use of their depot facilities.

Are you are also interested in scheduling Star Cool training?
Please contact us at [email protected]. We are happy to arrange a training
to suit your company’s needs.

Giancarlo Vettorazzi visited Manzanillo, Mexico, performing Star Cool training after 2 years without physical trainings. In total, 35 technicians participated. We are happy to see the interest of the technicians and companies in attending our onsite service trainings, after a long period restricted to online webinars.

Service providers and customers joined Gerard Grinwis and Henriette Gimm in Portugal, where they held three training sessions. These included some basic reefer knowledge sessions and more advanced troubleshooting and hands-on activities.