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Star Cool CA

Maersk and Star Cool CA – Proven performance since 2009

Since the system was first launched onto the market in 2009, more than 90,000 Star Cool CA units have entered service around the world. This immensely popular CA solution hit the market as a game changing innovation safeguarding the freshness of produce over long distances.

StarCare and Star Cool
Star Cool CA was developed in collaboration between Star Cool and Maersk – and launched by Maersk under the StarCare brand name. It entered the market as a simplified controlled atmosphere system using modern technology catering for operational efficiency and quality.

Maersk: StarCare business is important for Maersk and there is a constant need for new Star Cool
CA units

Star Cool’s proven efficiency protects valuable perishable cargos, extends market reach for producers and ensures that consumers enjoy quality and choice at the supermarket checkout. So it’s little surprise that Star Cool today has captured over 80% of the global CA market.

By being much more attractive, considering cost level and ease of servicing, Star Cool CA opened the world for growers across the globe with much longer shipments reaching new markets.

A trip down memory lane
Back in 2014, Star Cool CA reached 25,000 units sold and really started to catch attention from the market.

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Atmosphere control

Star Cool CA

Star Cool CA™ is based on the concept of an effective, simple and low-energy controlled atmosphere system that is built into the Star Cool Integrated Reefer.