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Star Cool

Steady Collaboration: MTT Shipping’s Four-Year Journey of Satisfaction with MCI

MTT Shipping first partnered with MCI in November 2020, incorporating 100 Star Cool Units (SCU) to enhance its refrigerated cargo capabilities. Over the last four years, MTT has been very satisfied with the performance and reliability of MCI’s solutions, including the Star Cool Integrated and Sekstant reefer monitoring solution. These solutions allow MTT to enhance its shipping services, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and the effective management of refrigerated cargo. The ongoing relationship reflects a shared commitment to continuous improvement.

Incorporating Sekstant for Enhanced Reefer Operation
In 2022, MTT Shipping made the decision to further enhance its fleet by rolling out Sekstant, MCI’s advanced digital reefer monitoring system. The introduction of Sekstant has allowed MTT to achieve real-time visibility and control over their Star Cool reefer fleet. This technology provides critical data on container conditions, ensuring that all cargo is maintained in optimal environments throughout transit. The ability to monitor and adjust settings remotely has not only reduced the risk of cargo spoilage but has also improved response times to any anomalies that may arise during shipping.

Training and Development
To ensure seamless integration and operation of the new technologies, MCI conducted a training session for MTT’s team and their Malaysia service providers from March 1-3, 2023, at the Double Tree Hotel in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The training sessions are important in optimizing the use of the integrated reefer containers and digital tools, enhancing both operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

“The Star Cool units with Sekstant reefer monitoring not only enhance our capability to deliver perishable goods in optimal condition in energy efficient reefers, but also align perfectly with our commitment to offering the best in market service to customers with the added value of reefer monitoring. The ongoing support and training from MCI has ensured that our team is well-equipped to utilize these advanced technologies to their full potential.”

– Mr. Ooi Lean Hin, Managing Director of MTT Shipping Sdn. Bhd.