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ST. LOUIS (December, 5, 2023) – Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, and Maersk Container Industry (MCI), a leading reefer container manufacturing company, announced today that they are collaborating to integrate Copeland’s REFCON 6 BLE reefer monitoring system with MCI’s Star Cool reefer containers fitted with Sekstant gateways. This collaboration helps aggregate multiple IoT provider datasets to improve cold chain visibility in the marine shipping industry.

Vessel operators must manage multiple IoT service providers and data sources, creating onboard challenges in promptly identifying temperature fluctuations and addressing refrigeration equipment malfunctions. Copeland and MCI are committed to integrating reefer container monitoring data to increase efficiency and reliability in global refrigerated cargo transportation.

“The integration of Copeland’s REFCON 6 BLE monitoring system with our Sekstant-enabled Star Cool reefer containers underscores our dedication to excellence in cargo handling and customer satisfaction,” said Anders Gamborg Holm, Director Global Sales & Service of MCI. “Copeland’s advanced onboard container monitoring technology communicating via Sekstant gateways will help minimize potential downtime and improve refrigerated cargo protection throughout the ocean voyage.”

“We are excited to work with Maersk Container Industry to enable Sekstant fitted Star Cool to work with REFCON 6 BLE telemetry,” said Brian Robertson, Vice President of Sales and Support, Transportation Solutions for Copeland. “They share our dedication to setting new standards for data interoperability, ensuring the integrity and safety of refrigerated cargo during transit.”

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