New MCI website takes show, don’t tell approach

We have recently relaunched our website With a clean, spacious, easy-to-navigate design, the new site has even greater focus on the user’s experience, making it simple to find the right information quickly.

People no longer have time to read long pages of text. We’ve taken a more visual approach to sharing information.

As a prime example, we’ve created an interactive feature for many of our products on the site in the form of active hotspots. When you see a pulsating number on an image, you can click or tap it to find out more information about a feature. Container components such as fresh air modules, compressors, and display panels, to name just a few, can be clicked or tapped on and information relating to it will be displayed.

Our video and image galleries are presented in clear, large formats, while our support section is in-depth yet straightforward.

Content is easy to find and understand for all users, whether it is technicians looking for detailed specifics, customers looking for spare parts and support, or someone who simply wants to know more about what we do. Links to our companion sites are clearly displayed in the navigation.

All the new content and features work regardless of the device you are using to visit the site.