Star Cool ITI

New animation on Star Cool ITI

Star Cool Intelligent Trip Inspection (ITI) eliminates the need for manual pre-trip inspections (PTI) by conducting an on-line test during the journey. ITI saves time, reduces costs, and lowers the carbon footprint. Watch the new ITI animation here:

The test is conducted in real-life settings and provides reliable results based on unmatched insight from the machine maker. With the added benefit of the Sekstant solution, you can even receive advance notifications for any needed service check before the reefer arrives at its destination. ITI is the smarter, more efficient alternative to PTI and ensures the health of your equipment during transport.

At Eimskip, ITI has been proven to reduce pre-trip inspection (PTI) time by over 50 %. Mike Mikkelsen and Rasmus Dahl, who manage the PTI process at Aarhus terminal in Denmark, have reported significant time savings with the use of ITI. ITI is a testament to Star Cool’s contribution to cargo safety and shipping line profitability.