MCI Reefer Conference 2023: Advancing Decarbonisation and Digitalization in the Shipping Industry

The recently concluded MCI Reefer Conference 2023, held on 24-25 May in Tinglev and Nordborg, Denmark, brought together 40 participants representing the largest shipping and reefer container leasing companies in the world.

The conference centered around the pivotal themes of decarbonisation and digitalization, addressing the pressing need for sustainable solutions in the refrigerated container sector. The conference provided an invaluable platform for industry leaders, customers, and experts to exchange knowledge and explore innovative approaches for the industry’s future.

Decarbonisation and Digitalization Trends

The first day of the conference took place at MCI’s main offices, R&D facilities, workshop, and warehouse in Tinglev, Denmark. The agenda commenced with Drewry, a renowned maritime research and consulting firm, delivering insightful keynote speeches on the current state of the reefer market and customer requirements. Their valuable analysis shed light on emerging trends and provided essential context for the discussions that followed.

DNV, a leading authority in reducing carbon emissions, presented on the critical topic of decarbonisation in container shipping. Their expertise in environmental regulations and sustainability offered a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in achieving a greener future for the industry.

MCI addressed external factors such as International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and their impact on reefer operations. Recognizing the significance of digitalization, we emphasized the role of innovative solutions in enhancing efficiency and sustainability. The spotlight was on Sekstant, our connectivity product, showcasing its potential to revolutionize the reefer sector through advanced digital technologies.

One of the points made regarded the market adoption of reefer telematics. Here you can see one of the graphs showcased at the reefer conference. The graph is a technology adoption graph and shows telematics adoption over time and Sekstant’s relation to this.

Exploring Cooling and Heating Mega Trends

On the second day, the participants visited Danfoss in Nordborg, Denmark. The focus of the day was on refrigerants and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Danfoss, a leading provider of cooling and heating solutions, welcomed the attendees and provided an introduction to their work in the field.

The conference attendees had the opportunity to visit Danfoss’ data center, offering valuable insights into cutting-edge cooling technologies. The exploration of heat pump technology further emphasized the importance of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in the reefer industry.

Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, and Sustainable Solutions

The MCI Reefer Conference 2023 served as a vital platform for the shipping industry and stakeholders involved in refrigerated containers to come together and address the challenges of decarbonisation and digitalization. By facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration, the conference aimed to explore sustainable solutions that would shape the future of the reefer industry.