Cold storage
Customer story

Chill out! BOXIT & Star Cool collaborates at danish summer events

From storing your possessions to chilling festival food and beverages, BOXIT has the quietest solution.

One smart idea has spawned a whole range of flexible and versatile solutions. The Danish company realised that containers and reefers could do a whole lot more than simply ship goods from one side of the world to the other.

BOXIT’s founders spotted a gap in the Danish market for flexible, secure storage that could be accessed around the clock, 365 days a year. This began as fixed storage depots based around a standard warehouse concept and was soon extended into using containers and reefers as well.

Mobile security

Unlike warehouses, containers and reefers are mobile. They can be relocated and stacked as needed. With their stable structure, they can be secured to provide BOXIT’s customers with an affordable storage option where they want and for how long they want it.

The concept is ideal for private people or companies who are relocating or have yet to find a new home base or the needed warehouse facilities. But that’s not all, with a little bit of lateral thinking, the team at BOXIT realised the potential in other situations where this kind of flexibility would be of benefit.

Festival organisers have been quick to appreciate the many advantages of Star Cool, such as low power consumption, low noise level and the security of mobile cooling units.

– Kim Viggo Ørbæk Jensen, Sales Manager at BOXIT

Add a cooling function to the secure and mobile storage offering, and suddenly they could start supplying festivals and other temporary outdoor events with a secure place to store valuable equipment and a mobile cool room to preserve food and chill drinks.

BOXIT has also begun branching out to construction sites, retail stores and restaurants, who are in need of temporary storage during renovation or expansion to their warehouse facilities.

Star Cool steals the show

Particularly for festivals and major outdoor events involving catering, Star Cool reefers proved an immediate hit. Apart from providing an essential functional service, Star Cool’s low energy consumption and quiet operation means that the units can be sited anywhere, even close to open stages, without creating a noise nuisance.

Starting from a zero base, BOXIT now routinely has between 4 and 80 refrigerated containers on site at festivals and events throughout Denmark. These are used as cold storage for food and beverages and can be easily distributed around a festival site to ensure ease of access for staff and festival goers. This in turn helps to reduce queues and improves the flow of visitors by avoiding bottle necks around bars and food outlets.

Sometimes, the reefer containers are built into the actual bar or food installation. “Festival organisers have been quick to appreciate the many advantages of Star Cool, such as low power consumption, low noise level and the security of mobile cooling units”, explained Kim Viggo Ørbæk Jensen, Sales Manager at BOXIT. “For us, it is great to be able to offer this added-value service while at the same time building our own customer base.”

Real-time monitoring

BOXIT and their customers are using the Sekstant reefer tracking system to monitor their fleet remotely via smartphone, laptop and other devices. This reassures them, that their cargo is safely stored. Furthermore, they can monitor their entire fleets location easily through the Sekstant frontend as well as updating firmware on all reefers as soon as a new version is available.

It seems that there is almost no limit to the potential customers and applications that BOXIT can find for its containers and reefers. Berry and fruit growers were soon added to the list, along with concert organisers and catering companies. “Besides energy efficiency, being able to charge our Star Cool reefers with refrigerant R513A at any point in time, which more than halves the GWP from the refrigerant in use, is helpful for reducing carbon footprint and provides us with an economical insurance in reefer operation.“ Kim added.