Evergreen connects reefer fleet with 1000 Sekstant Gateways

Evergreen Marine Corp.(Evergreen), has announced their latest reefer injection of 1000 Star Cool Units will be fitted with Sekstant. This order comes after a successful year-long connectivity trial of the Sekstant reefer monitoring solution, which offers transparent and convenient control to Evergreen’s trade operation.

Evergreen first ordered Star Cool reefers from Maersk Container Industry in 2020, and since continued expanding the Star Cool fleet in their global operation.

Evergreen chose the Star Cool Units to support the company’s operational requirements and dedication to environmental sustainability. Energy efficiency is achieved by a proven combination of frequency converter technology and a robust variable speed reciprocating compressor, resulting in optimal control of motor speed based on cooling demand and required air circulation, ensuring an ideal cargo environment while saving energy.

The benefits by connecting the modern reefers to the internet are endless, both for Evergreen as the operator and Star Cool as the OEM. As example, the actual carbon footprint is documented remotely on both trip and fleet-wide level and the whereabout and condition of each reefer is globally tracked as well. On the manufacturer side, performance can be continuously monitored, and knowledge gained can be used to optimize performance – which can be rapidly deployed to the entire connected fleet with a software update.  

“By equipping Star Cool reefers with the Sekstant monitoring solution, we are able to offer our customers even more control over their equipment. We are proud to partner with Evergreen and look forward to continuing to innovate and improve our operations together.”

– Anders Holm, Director of Global Sales & Service at Maersk Container Industry

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+80,000 Sekstant gateways in operation, over 10 million hours of runtime and reporting from 217 countries around the globe. The Sekstant population is growing rapidly and continues to change the way reefer container operators connect with and manage their reefer transport chain.