Energy efficiency

Star Cool’s strong energy performance verified

An independent validation of MCI’s benchmarking programme confirms Star Cool’s significantly lower energy consumption and offers shipping lines a reliable energy performance simulator.

It has always been MCI’s desire to support its customers’ need for highly energy efficient reefer solutions to help them reduce costs and meet their sustainability goals.  Keen to prove its reefer energy savings and make the evidence available as a reliable tool to shipping lines, MCI asked engineering consultants COWI to validate the energy test results and methods in an independent performance validation.

Linda Høibye, Chief Market Manager, Environment, Health and Safety COWI explained: “Manufacturers of machines and equipment that do not need to comply with an energy rating (e.g. A+, B, etc.) find it hard to prove the facts when customers are being presented with similar claims by the competition. With the extensive certified test programme followed by thorough simulation work, MCI can now demonstrate the hard facts. We have verified that the methods and calculations they use are correct and valid. This investigation was carried out in accordance with ISO 1496-2.”

Test tool verifies reduced energy use in Star Cool reefers

The StarConomy control software was included in the energy efficiency test programme prior to market introduction. The software aims to match ‘cooling provided’ with ‘cooling required’ to keep the cargo within 0.25 degree Celsius of the set point.

Ever since Star Cool’s introduction 10 years ago, MCI has been setting the standards in energy efficiency. However, the new software has put the company on a totally new level – without compromising cargo care. The tests proved that Star Cool fitted with StarConomy delivers significant energy savings compared to other industry brands. This enabled MCI to illustrate the value of better insulation and machinery efficiency to its customers.

The graph below shows an example of indexed energy test results for a normal reefer trade pattern:

A closer look at the figures reveals significant advantages in using the StarConomy control software in Star Cool reefers. The next best competitor to Star Cool in terms of energy efficient software and energy consumption still uses 25% more energy than Star Cool with StarConomy.

 Shipping lines using Star Cool with StarConomy achieve benefits on a daily basis. The significant energy savings directly reduce both costs and environmental impact, thus providing a sustainable solution for the operator.

Tailor-made energy consumption simulator for shipping lines

A series of comparative tests were carried out on a wide range of reefer container designs and machinery brands in MCI’s two identical ATP compliant energy test chambers in Denmark. To create a wide spectrum of shipment scenarios, the equipment was subjected to various simulations, software control types and settings.

The outcome of the tests is a complete set of comparable kWh consumption data for a wide range of equipment that reflects what is currently available on the market. To MCI, this data can be used for documentation and further development. To our shipping line customers, it demonstrates MCI’s product value and provides them with a reliable reefer energy consumption tool that can be tailored to the individual company profile.

“MCI has built the test results into a simulation model that can be adjusted to match the individual reefer shipment profile of each line. In conjunction with its customers, this enables MCI to illustrate the financial and environmental impact of alternative equipment choices”, said Linda Høibye.

”In conjunction with its customers, this enables MCI to illustrate the financial and environmental impact of alternative equipment choices.”

– Linda Høibye, Chief Market Manager, Environment, Health and Safety COWI

Each shipping line has its own loading profile for various frozen and chilled cargos with different settings and levels of usage. This profile is inserted into the model and the result appears in seconds, along with the precise test results, latest oil price and CO2 emissions data.

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