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Global Availability and OEM Quality: Maersk Container Industry’s Remanufactured Spare Parts Deliver Sustainability and Reliability

Maersk Container Industry (MCI) is known for its quality and expertise in the reefer container industry. As a part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, MCI offer a selection of Star Cool approved remanufactured spare parts. The benefits of using these remanufactured parts are numerous, including OEM certified remanufacturing, high quality standards, a global 1-year warranty on remanufactured parts, and repairs carried out only with genuine components and materials. But perhaps the most significant benefits of using MCI’s remanufactured parts are their attractive pricing and global availability.

MCI has distribution centres all around the globe, making it easy for customers to access the spare parts they need quickly and efficiently. With distribution centres in Denmark, China, Singapore, New Zealand, USA and South Africa, MCI can ensure that customers worldwide have access to the consumables and spare parts they need for their reefer containers. This global availability allows for quick and efficient repairs, reducing downtime and ensuring that containers can be back in service as soon as possible.

We are impressed by the availability of Star Cool spare parts and consumables. The global availability of their parts is remarkable and allows us to efficiently maintain our daily operation. We appreciate MCI for their excellent job and their effort and support in providing service, which contributes to keeping our customers happy.

–      Jorge Gil Palacios, Operations Manager, Costa Rica Container Service S.A.

In addition to global availability, MCI’s remanufactured spare parts offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for its customers. By recycling and reusing parts, MCI reduces waste and promotes a circular economy. MCI’s remanufactured parts also undergo a rigorous process that includes complete dismantling, sorting, and recycling of worn parts. All compressors received are upgraded with the latest versions and undergo oil filling, dynamic/electric testing, vacuuming, nitrogen charging, and micro blasting before delivery.

MCI’s commitment to sustainability, quality, and global availability makes its remanufactured spare parts an excellent choice for customers worldwide. With its global distribution centres, customers can access the spare parts they need quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring that containers can be back in service as soon as possible. And with MCI’s rigorous remanufacturing process and high-quality standards, customers can be confident that they are getting a reliable and sustainable solution for their Star Cool reefers.

‘’Our remanufactured spare parts program is not only a sustainable choice for our customers, but also ensures the high quality and safety standards that come with OEM certification. With our global distribution centres, we can offer timely delivery and excellent service for our customers.’’

–      Asmir Turkanovic, Director of After Sales, Maersk Container Industry

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