Sekstant Door Sensor

The Sekstant door sensor is an add on that provides even more information to the digital fleet management system, keeping track of your container’s doors by registering door events.

Integrated with the Star Cool controller and thereby all other reefer data and time stamps

Helps mitigate undesired door openings, smuggling & theft

Door events are captured even if the reefer is not plugged into power

Door Sensor features

  • 10+ years of battery lifetime.
  • Integrated with Star Cool controller
  • Door events available both in datalog and Sekstant.
  • Captures door events both on power and off power.

The Sekstant Door Sensor captures door events without a controller connection and records door events both on and off power. With less than 5 minutes from a door being opened or closed until it is visible in the Sekstant cloud on power, and the first 24 hours of an off power period having the door event visible in the cloud, the Sekstant Door Sensor is an essential tool for anyone managing containers.

With a battery lifetime of 10+ years, this door sensor is integrated with the Star Cool controller, allowing for door events to be available in both datalog and Sekstant.

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