Bringing more perishables to new markets

Star Cool CA+™ builds on MCI’s leading controlled atmosphere technology to open up a cost-effective way to new markets for low-respiring, high-value perishables such as blueberry and lychee.

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Compared to high-respiring perishables such as bananas and avocados, low-respiring perishables require a different composition of the atmosphere in the container. Building on its proven Star Cool CA system for high-respiring fresh produce, MCI developed the enhanced CA+ functionality in close cooperation with experts and selected shipping lines and applied data gathered from some 40,000 Star Cool CA units in operation worldwide.

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How it works
- When the fruit has been loaded, controller is set to the desired O2 and CO2 percentage levels.

- Nitrogen and CO2 is injected until the correct level is achieved.

- Injection is stopped and the box is sealed.

- Cargo is ready to be loaded onto the reefer containers and is monitored and modified through the user display or remotely during transport.

Star Cool CA+ can be used on all existing Star Cool CA reefers.

Advantages of CA+
Provides shipping companies with direct access to data of the conditions inside the reefer throughout the entire transportation window, without needing to rely on a third-party controlled atmosphere provider.
Reduced costs & increased transparency.
No additional handling and cost from third party providers of portable equipment.

CA+ service offering

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Since the 2017/2018 season, Maersk Container Industry have also been providing our service offering.  

Key steps

  • Shipping line communicates the volume forecast and bookings. Star Cool coordinates the shipping line and depot from booking through to gate out for loading.
  • MCI arranges leak-test before gate out empty, ensuring that the unit complies with the minimum requirements for a specific commodity.
  • Container is released with a new door curtain mounted on the floor/ door end (the one used for leak-testing will not be used for the cargo).
  • When the container has been stuffed and returned to the depot, Star Cool will arrange gas injection according to the settings indicated in the booking.
  • Star Cool monitors gas levels until stable, according to the defined setting. If necessary, gas is injected again before gate out for loading.  

We also include

CA curtains for testing

New curtain for stuffed unit 

N2 and CO2 gases

Cargo insurance (up to $100,000 per reefer)

If requested, we can participate in meetings and training activities with both shipping lines and their customers


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CA Operations Manager

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