Star Cool

Engineered for efficiency

Star Cool reefers will meet the needs of the most demanding customers while minimising costs. Optimum cargo quality is our primary objective and unrivalled experience within the intermodal industry has enabled us to construct a refrigeration unit that combines reliability, usability and cost efficiency on an unmatched level.

Star Cool layout and airflow

Star Cool layout and airflow

Star Cool Integrated

The Star Cool Integrated reefer effectively combines the Star Cool reefer unit and the MCI Box reefer box into a single unit. The result is a reefer container that makes a visible difference to the bottom line with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

Star Cool Unit

Lowest running costs and market leading features.

Star Cool CA & CA+

Star Cool CA and CA+ is based on the concept of an effective, simple and low-energy controlled atmosphere system that is built into the Star Cool Integrated Reefer.

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By adjusting injection control, air flow and software for R513A compatibility, Star Cool offers an economically sound upgrade that can achieve a 56% reduction of GWP compared to the previously used R134a (GWP=1430). Among all A1 classified F-gases, R513A is the best choice to reduce the carbon footprint of reefer containers today.


StarConomy is a temperature control software programme. Its revolutionary feature is its ability to control both compressor and fan speed at the same time.

Automatic Ventilation

AV+ (Automatic Ventilation) is the correct way to accurately control fresh-air ventilation in reefers. By using a CO2 sensor, the technology that powers AV+ monitors the natural respiration of produce inside the reefer.