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Sekstants digital ecosystem is fundamentally changing the way reefer container operators connect with and manage their transport chain. Sekstant enables access to real-time reefer information, monitoring and reporting systems, and seamless fleet management from anywhere in the world.

Unique Sekstant OEM features

  • Intelligent Trip Inspection (ITI) status, replacing PTIs
  • Data on energy consumption, carbon footprint and power cost estimates
  • Warranty status
  • Firmware updates
  • Seamless integration between machine and digital ecosystem
  • Optimization based on user data


Live Reefer Container Information 
Every container is unique in regards to its data. Sekstant gives customers access to live data in real time. This includes the exact GPS location, the set and actual temperatures inside the container, and the current power consumption of each unit. Should an irregularity occur, operators are immediately notified via an alarm system.

M&R Efficiency Solutions
To improve efficiency and enhance user experience, Sekstant will provide customers access to the reefer’s history and datalog.

As a reefer manufacturer, we can use this knowledge in warranty handling and product optimization based on real operational data. MCI brings the technologies of big data analytics and Internet of Things to life.

The Sekstant Gateway also detects shocks to the reefer and notifies you of any potential damages.

In addition, firmware to the reefer controller will be seamlessly updated automatically, removing cost while improving performance.

Fleet Management
Sekstant is your digital assistant helping you assess your equipment depending on various parameters, such as location and performance.

The system performs self-diagnostics and will continuously feed the result of the ITI, Intelligent Trip Inspection. This provides unseen value by saving the manually activated pre trip inspections.

Keep in mind, with Sekstant you don’t need to keep an eye on all reefers – based on your requirements the system will notify you only when needed so you can focus on growing your business.

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