Controller software

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Following a number of significant technological enhancements, Maersk Container Industry has announced the launch of a new firmware package for the company’s ever-popular Star Cool reefer containers. The firmware is now available to customers as version 357_05.

Faster cooling, less energy
Top of the list of valuable new features is the “StarInject” superheat controller. In the world of cooling technology, the term “superheat” is an indication of how much an evaporator is filled with liquid refrigerant. Theoretically, a full evaporator gives a maximum cooling capacity, while an empty evaporator has no cooling effect. With the new firmware release, the “StarInject” superheat controller improves cooling performance, making the unit able to cool faster while using less energy.

StarConomy now comes as standard
MCI’s StarConomy software is an advanced temperature control programme with the unique ability to control both compressor and fan speed at the same time. This improves temperature control and reduces energy consumption. Previously, StarConomy was an optional extra that could be specified to replace the old “QUEST” system. With the release of version 357_05, this soon becomes a standard feature on all Star Cool reefers.

Improved compressor functionality
Another key feature of the new firmware package is the automatic updating of the Frequency Converter 2.0 function. Once the FC 2.0 feature has been installed/activated in the reefer control unit, operators receive free updates automatically for the life of the system.

There are changes to the user panel as well. Pressing the manual defrost button now enables the operator to select the preferred defrosting method. There is also a new way of defrosting using only the fan to melt ice build-up. Elsewhere on the user panel, temperature sensor values can now be displayed via the information menu in “raw” form – i.e., non-filtered and non-substituted. Furthermore, if the PTI system detects that the oil needs changing, an alert message is displayed on the user panel.