Reefer control software

StarConomy is a temperature control software programme. Its revolutionary feature is its ability to control both compressor and fan speed at the same time.
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StarConomy animation

By running the fans at half speed, the motors generate far less heat while using significantly less energy than before. By carefully balancing compressor and fan speed, StarConomy accurately matches air circulation to cooling demand, ensuring an ideal environment for the produce.

Accurate temperature control protects produce quality

StarConomy constantly fine-tunes the temperature to keep it as accurate as possible. Even in low ambient temperatures, StarConomy eliminates the low-temperature air pockets around the cargo that can occur when it is colder outside the reefer than inside.

StarConomy software can be used on all existing Star Cool reefers via a simple software update.

Advantages of StarConomy

Unlike other economy software programmes, StarConomy does not undershoot supply-air temperature compared to set point

To ensure maximum produce protection, StarConomy operates at full capacity to reach the set point as quickly as possible. Once that has been done the optimisation process begins

Substantial cost savings are achieved without compromising produce quality