Q Liner

Thermoplastic reefer box lining with extremely high strength and easy maintenance

Q Liner® is a proprietary MCI lining material that uses the latest generation of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics to provide extra strength and durability. A unique multi-layered design using fibre-reinforced polypropylene ensures maximum strength, without the risk of foam delamination and brittleness. In addition to being highly durable and lightweight, Q Liner® features a patented multi-layer aluminium foil. This prevents the escape of cell gas and hence ensures efficient insulation over the liner's full working life.  

Advantages of Q Liner®

  • Reduced weight - approximately 200 kg per 40’ HC
  • Easy repair - thermal bonding, for simple, clean repairs
  • Smooth surface - easy to clean
  • Chemical resistance - cleaning and fumigation cannot damage Q Liner® panels
  • Cost efficient - cost competitive compared to aluminium or stainless steel solutions