Qingyu Ma

Department: Production
Position: Paining Operation
Employed since: December, 2005

When did you start at MCI and what motivated you to join the company?
I joined Maersk in December 2005. A friend of mine introduced me to this job opportunity and told me that Maersk Container Industry is a great company that offers good benefits and values its employees. 

What do you like most about your job?
What I like most is that we are good at collaborating and I feel welcome to bring my own opinions and share improvement suggestions with my colleagues. Maersk Container Industry provides relevant ways to help employees solve problems. The morning meeting, safety meeting and quality meeting are all very good channels for us to talk and discuss issues of importance to all of us. I also appreciate the fact that the company ensures I get the training I need so that I can improve my skills in my job.My colleagues have also become good friends. I really feel I can count on them, so if I have any problems there is always someone to help.

Why do you think MCI is a great place to work?
The company is very focused on safety management and puts lots of money and effort into safety. Another good thing is that the company provides a dormitory and a canteen. For the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, we receive a festival allowance and gifts. I would happily recommend others to work here and I have already recommended a friend of mine.

The best time is the morning meeting. We have time to talk about work and life in general.

Qingy Ma, Paining Operation

What is the best time of your day?
The best time is the morning meeting. We have time to talk about work and life in general.

What is the best thing that happened last year?
The best thing in the past year is that the company organized a family day. Some family members aren’t really aware of what kind of work we do here and the family day is a great opportunity for them to come visit and get to see what we are actually doing at work.