Crowley places third consecutive order for Star Cool Integrated units from Maersk Container Industry

Maersk Container Industry will deliver 300 energy efficient reefers to Crowley’s operation in Central America. The expected deployment in March 2021 follows up two similar deliveries to Crowley last year.  

Crowley Logistics has ordered 300 energy efficient reefer units from Maersk Container Industry (MCI) with expected delivery in March 2021. This will be MCI’s third delivery to Crowley within little more than a year. 

“Crowley’s continued investment in its reefer fleet reflects a significant commitment to the markets of Central America and the Caribbean. MCI values the trust Crowley has by expanding their operated Star Cool fleet to meet the growing demands of their marketplace,” says Global Head of Sales & Marketing at MCI, Anders Holm.  

In mid-December 2020, Maersk Container Industry (MCI) coordinated delivery of 355 new Star Cool Integrated 40’ high-cube units to Crowley - arriving into Santo Tomas, Guatemala, just in time to meet peak seasonal demand for perishable exports from Central America.

Since 2017, Crowley has invested more than US$160 million in new cargo equipment for its fleet, ensuring equipment availability at origin for perishables moving through the cold chain.   The reefer fleet supplements Crowley’s full slate of shore-side and inland facilities and services.

“Crowley realizes the importance of having the best refrigerated equipment in the right quantities strategically positioned to meet customers’ needs during peak perishables seasons,” says Crowley representative Andrew Davis, Vice President, Corporate Equipment & Maintenance. 

“The new containers’ environmentally friendly Star Cool refrigeration units boost efficiency and reliability that enhances value and capabilities in the cold chain,” Andrew Davis added.  

Energy Efficient
When it chose MCI, Crowley appreciated the energy efficiency of MCI’s Star Cool Integrated reefers. To further enhance the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the units, Crowley has opted to utilize MCI’s StarConomy setting as a default on their entire Star Cool fleet.   

StarConomy is an energy optimization software that prioritizes cargo care. Its revolutionary feature is its ability to control both compressor and fan sped at the same time. By running the fans at lower speed when allowed by the cargo, the motors generate far less heat while using significantly less energy than standard mode. By carefully balancing compressor and fan speed, StarConomy accurately matches air circulation to cooling demand, ensuring an ideal environment for delicate, chilled produce.  

Accurate temperature control protects produce quality. Unlike other economy software programs, StarConomy does not undershoot supply-air temperature compared to set point.  To ensure maximum produce protection, StarConomy operates at full capacity to reach the set point as quickly as possible. Once that has been done, the optimization process begins. StarConomy constantly fine-tunes the temperature to keep it as accurate as possible. Substantial cost savings are achieved without compromising produce quality.

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    Crowley places third consecutive order for Star Cool Integrated units from Maersk Container Industry