Star Cool Unit

Caring for cargo while saving energy  
The Star Cool refrigeration unit is designed to minimise Total Cost of Ownership. Our deep insights into the needs and requirements of the intermodal industry led to the creation of the perfect reefer unit. With low energy consumption, light weight, low M&R costs, high power factor and many standard features compared with other reefer units, Star Cool safeguards cargo while reducing operation costs and environmental impact.  

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Star Cool Unit

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Prepared for the future
Star Cool is future refrigerant friendly. The combination of the simplicity of the system design, the electronic expansion valves and the ability to change compressor capacity via speed makes Star Cool ready for the arrival of new, even more environmentally sound refrigerants, with similar physical properties to R134a.

Engineered for reliability, the Star Cool R513A units are designed for compatibility with R513A without sacrificing performance when R134a is charged.  

Automatic Ventilation

AV+ (Automatic Ventilation) is the correct way to accurately control fresh-air ventilation in reefers. By using a CO2 sensor, the technology that powers AV+ monitors the natural respiration of produce inside the reefer.


To take energy efficiency to the next level, Star Cool has introduced StarConomy which is optimizing the cooling process and putting produce care first while remaining within the 0.25°C control band on supply air.