HR, Procurement & Quality

Our human resources team provides high-quality HR services to our people by acting as trusted advisors on HR decisions and developing skills to enable growth and increase business performance. We are responsible for supporting our leaders from the recruitment process onwards, ensuring that we find the people we need and continually develop their skills and talents. As part of this work, we work to create strong personal identification with the company, improve performance and identify and develop talents. To work in our HR team, you need to have solid business acumen together with an excellent ability to build relationships.

Procurement is the centre of the action in terms of the Group’s container manufacturing arm and covers functions such as planning, incoming quality control, purchase and category management across our operations in China and Denmark.

The team has a broad scope of responsibilities to ensure the continued competitiveness of our unique Star Cool refrigeration system.

This is achieved through a number of related aspects. First, sourcing the best components in the best quality, as well as careful inventory supplier relationship management. We also work in close collaboration on design and innovation initiatives with MCI product engineers, and constantly enhance incoming product transparency and quality within our internal production processes and all the way through to aftersales.

This broad remit means that we are learning every day and actively contributing to the positive development of the company and our colleagues. To work in our team, you need to be curious, ambitious, analytical and collaborative.

Customer Quality
Our Customer Quality team manages customer complaints and ensures that the technical departments, suppliers and manufacturing facilities provide the necessary solutions. We are responsible for supporting product improvement and highlighting quality issues related to our production line and servicing of our equipment. To work in the Customer Quality team, you need to have excellent interpersonal skills and a deep commitment to continuous improvement so that we can continue to deliver top-quality products to our customers.