HQ Technology R&D

By 2030, MCI aims to be the Number 1 supplier of choice for our customers. We will do this by demonstrating unequalled Total Value of Ownership through sustainable and application-based customised technologies, outstanding manufacturing quality and innovations that maximise container use. In this context, connectivity and smart data management and design will play a vital role.

Within the MCI BOX team, we are responsible for structural design and development to ensure that the MCI BOX product is best all-round product available. We contribute with our deep technical knowledge of materials, sandwich structures and processing to ensure we have a box that meets the requirement and expectations of our customers in terms of modern cargo transportation.

By keeping in touch with our customers and mapping new trends within the technology, we constantly strive to stay at the forefront of new developments in process and structural design, enabling us to create products that are demonstrably better than those of our competitors. Exceeding customer expectations is the key to our long-term success.

To work in our team, you need to be a creative thinker with a talent for forming strong working relationships with colleagues so as to understand precisely what they require from us. You will also need proven technical skills in mechanical construction, sandwich structures, manufacturing processes and materials technology.

Refrigeration R&D
The Refrigeration R&D team is dedicated to one thing: developing and constructing the world’s best reefers. With a focus on reliability and energy efficiency, we develop new products and features that actively contribute to strengthening our customers’ businesses.

Our work is based on outstanding technical knowledge and skills within refrigeration. Beyond core refrigeration disciplines, we work with power electronic components, software for our Star Cool refrigeration machine, as well as post-harvest technologies like controlled atmosphere (CA).

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to meet our customers’ existing needs as well as opening up new opportunities for them.

To work in our team, you need to be passionate about refrigeration technology, a creative thinker, and dedicated to achieving high-quality results against often tight deadlines.

Star Cool Documentation & Design
Our Star Cool Design & Documentation team is responsible for the mechanical design and documentation of our market-leading “Star Cool” reefer.

We tackle tasks related to design, construction, simulations, tests, manufacturing processes and documentation to ensure that we are able to supply a competitive product to our customers.

To work in our Star Cool Design & Documentation department, you need to have a strong technical background, such as mechanical engineering or similar, together with a natural flair for technology. As a person, you are a curious, creative thinker who loves the challenge of developing original solutions.

Star Cool Software & Digitisation
The Refrigeration Engineering team is responsible for all software and digitisation technology to support our Star Cool unit. We maintain the current software platform and develop new features for the Star Cool unit. We work closely with our quality departments and our global service team to ensure that the software is working properly and that features are continuously being evaluated for further optimisation. Digitisation facilitates the value of the Star Cool machine by offering features like Intelligent Trip Inspection (ITI), which can significantly reduce operating costs for our customers.

To work in our department, you need to have an excellent understanding of refrigeration, system control or software development. Your entry point could be a background as a software developer, hardware developer or mechanical engineer.


Star Cool Maintenance & System Support
Star Cool Maintenance & System Support sits at the intersection of production and customer, ensuring a smooth flow of the product from component to production and finally to the customer. We devise robust and reliable technical solutions to issues that arise in the product lifecycle and are responsible for troubleshooting and identifying improvement areas on the Star Cool refrigeration unit.

To work in our Star Cool Maintenance & System Support team, you need to have a good sense of humour and an ability to flourish in a dynamic organisation, where it is rare for any two days to be the same.

R&D Lab & Test Centre
Our Laboratory and Test Centre enables the R&D department to achieve high-quality work and trustworthy results for the continued development of our product portfolio. The Test Centre is responsible for providing precise results and reliable test scenarios. Our technicians keep our inventory of measuring equipment and test containers up to date and are ready to conduct tests whenever requested by our colleagues in the R&D department.

To work in our Laboratory and Test Centre, you are a hands-on type of person with a technical background. You possess an analytical mind and a structured approach to problem solving, and you employ your natural eye for detail to ensure quality work.