Finance & IT

Finance & Accounting
Our Finance & Accounting team provides high-quality finance services by acting as a trusted advisor, service department and business partner to all departments throughout the organisation. We are responsible for the consistent provision of accurate, timely and effective internal and external reporting on actual and forecasted financial performance as a basis for strategic decision-making.

To work in our team, you need a flair for figures together with an eye for detail. An open mind and a willingness to learn and grow are as important as your professional skills.

IT Service & Support
In our IT Service & Support department, we provide and support modern, user-friendly and secure solutions with high availability and also ensure a robust IT platform for new IoT products.

To work in our team, you need a relevant IT education, such as IT assistant or data technician. You need the ability to implement and translate tech for non-experts, be easy to get on with and have solid business acumen.

Global Business System
Our Global Business System team is responsible for solving MCI IT cases, including system setup and business request, related to D365, Hybris, PowerBI etc.

We work closely with third-party consultants to achieve user satisfaction and aim to improve the use of business systems and provide advice on business process improvement.

To work in our team, you need a rigorous, logical mind and the necessary curiosity and ambition to be a professional business consultant.