Sales Process & CRM
Our Sales Process & CRM team provides professional sales support to both global customers and our own key account managers by ensuring appropriate action and coordination between customers, head office and production site. We are responsible for managing our CRM system and administrative procedures within sales processes. We also gather market intelligence and support other functions and projects where needed for the business to achieve its targets.

To work in our Sales Process & CRM department, you need a proactive and service-oriented mind and you must be an excellent communicator with a good eye for detail.

Global Sales & Marketing
Our Sales and Marketing team focuses on promoting MCI as a company and professionally presenting our complete product range to the global market for refrigerated containers and related digitisation tools.

These activities are implemented via numerous channels, spanning everything from newsletters, trade shows and social media to personal meetings between professional teams of industry experts. 

To work in our Sales & Marketing department, you need an open mind and a sound understanding of value creation and relationship management in a business-to-business market that is dominated by a small number of highly specialised opinion formers and other experts.

Global Service
The Star Cool Service team is responsible for providing service and technical support to our customers, vessel crews, and over 400 service providers globally. We continuously develop our service provider network to maintain the highest standards of care, ensuring our customers’ reefer equipment performs optimally at all times.

We conduct theoretical and hands-on training worldwide as well as developing and providing e-learning and instructional videos.

To be a part of our service team, you need a solid technical background within the refrigeration industry, a strong commercial sense and excellent self-motivation.

Part Sales Department
Our main purpose is to support Global Part Sales with effective logistics services that we coordinate with various global freight providers.

We serve our customers by supplying genuine parts and consumables, and collaborate closely with them to identify and meet varying seasonal demands. We also provide support through supply chain activities, such as planning, procurement and logistics, and ensure that spare parts are promptly delivered to our customers. Through well-managed procurement, planning and business development, we ensure the successful performance of our entire spare parts business.

To work in our team, you need to possess a high degree of business and supply chain understanding. As a person, you enjoy working in an internal environment with colleagues from many different cultures.

Freight Forwarding Team
Our team constantly tracks the market to find the best price and quality transportation solution for our customers’ needs, whether by train, ocean, road, air, courier or a combination of different modes.

A major part of our logistics operation is covered by using third-party logistics for our global warehousing and transportation operations.

To be a part of our Freight Forwarding team, you will have excellent social skills and enjoy being part of an informal team. You are good at juggling and prioritising many different types of tasks and have a natural and keen interest in providing outstanding customer service.

Our warehouse team is responsible for and takes pride in ensuring that our customers receive their spare parts precisely when they need them and in perfect condition.

Every day, we run our own small-scale production processes, packing spare parts into boxes and assembling spare parts kits. Within the warehouse, we use a simplified order-picking system to expedite inbound and outbound orders.  

To be part of our team, your most important qualification will be a willingness and ability to learn fast, along with a good sense of humour, relaxed personality and team spirit. Formal educational qualifications are not a priority. What we value above all is great teamwork and a willingness to help each other out whenever needed.

After Sales Network
Our team processes all unit and parts claims raised by our customers and service providers around the globe. We are responsible for developing new tools and solutions to support our data platform to improve user-friendliness for our customers and internal users.

We also support our organisation with actual and historical warranty data reports from the field. For example, if we notice an unusually high number of claims relating to a specific unit or part, this automatically triggers an internal investigation and initiates further actions to swiftly identify and correct any faults.

To work in our team, you need to have solid business acumen and good interpersonal skills to serve our customers and service providers.