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Some Star Cool features are standard and some are optional - for further information and elaboration please contact our Sales department: for further technical specifications.

Standard features

  • Two stage piston compressor
  • Frequency converter for optimum capacity control of the compressor
  • Controller with large graphical display
  • 4.5 kg HFC-R134A
  • Dual defrost system, hot gas and heat elements ensures fast and efficient defrost of the evaporator
  • The energy saving On Demand Defrost Solution - defrosts only when necessary
  • Dehumidification control ensures optimum cargo conditions
  • Digital expansion valves controls superheat levels
  • Temperature in range, alarm and warning LED indicators
  • High quality evaporator and condenser coil
  • 3-phase, 350/500 Volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Standard 18m (60 ft) power cable
  • 3 phase dual speed fan motors
  • Main circuit breaker (16 amps) - two units can be operated per power supply
  • Easy access service hatches
  • Fresh air exchange with sensor for accurate setting and recording
  • Vacuum release function integrated to air exchange module
  • Electrostatically polished high grade stainless steel receiver for maximum corrosion protection
  • Less than 0.25 m3/h air leakage at 50 mm WG
  • Less than 3.5 W/h/°C heat leakage
  • USDA Cold Treatment
  • Automatic Cold Treatment Program (ACT)
  • Multiple Temperature Setpoints (MTS) program
  • Low noise - less than 75 dB(A) in 250 Hz band
  • Weight 380 kg (picture frame)

Optional features

  • Water-cooled condenser
  • Remote Monitoring
  • CA injection ports
  • Automatic Ventilation - AV+
  • Controlled Atmosphere - CA
  • Dual voltage via 230V transformer