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The option, CA ready, enables reefer owners to optimise their immediate reefer investment while providing them with the option of easily and quickly upgrading for potential future CA growth. 

With the CA ready option, your Integrated Star Cool reefers will be factory provisioned to allow for future installation of our CA system in the field. Hence, the reefer is prepared for the CA key components with fittings, hoses and cables. When demand is there, the reefer can easily and quickly be fitted with the key components at a depot and thereby the timing of cost is very close to the time of earning.

CA readyCA ready is a unique concept within the reefer industry. It is already used by more main carriers to prepare their reefers for future reefer business. CA ready gives you the opportunity to be cost conscious, but at the same time, you achieve the flexibility needed to meet specific customer demands at any time.

CA ready