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  • "Revolution" of mango trade

    A recent test in Ivory Coast shows how West Africa’s mango trade can be extended by using Star Cool CA containers that place the fruit in hibernation. Read more
  • SuPoTec®

    SuPoTec® is an efficient insulation foam that doesn’t harm Earth’s ozone layer and has limited climate change potential. Read more
  • Star Cool

    Star Cool is currently the most energy efficient reefer machine on the market, according to tests carried out by MCI customers. Read more
  • Integrated Reefers

    Service providers have changed from doubts to approval of integrated reefers. Read more
NEWS - 12/15/2014
Testing the world’s strongest gift wrap!

Millions of Christmas presents are transported in containers around the world. At MCI we build containers and test them to the limit. In fact, occasionally MCI engineers devise some unconventional...